Lisa Pfisterer.

Selected Projects.

These are selected projects I have been working on during my studies of Media Informatics at Beuth Hochschule and IT Systems Engineering at Hasso Plattner Institute.

WirePrint - 3D Printed Previews for Fast Prototyping.

WirePrint - 3D Printed Previews for Fast Prototyping. WirePrint is a fabrication technique that immensely speeds up 3D printing up to a factor of 10. The resulting prototypes have the same size and shape as the solid model and due to reduced printing time a shorter design cycle can be achieved. Instead of printing full volume, only a wire outline of the model is generated and printed. The normal layer based approach of 3D printing is replaced by vertical printing and bridging thus reducing the printing time and required material.

I worked on this project seminar at the HCI chair exploring the possibilities of vertical printing regarding gravity and time to cool down the material. I started using a 3D Yaya on an XY table and later assembled a printrbot kit for further experiments. I sent gcode commands to the printer to be able to print vertically and compared different printing materials, speed, temperature and extrusion diameters.

Paper: WirePrint: 3D Printed Previews for Fast Prototyping
UIST 2014 – User Interface Software and Technology Symposium
Stefanie Mueller, Sangha Im, Serafima Gurevich, Alexander Teibrich, Lisa Pfisterer, François Guimbretière, and Patrick Baudisch

Published in Proceedings of UIST 2014.
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C++ Plug-in Framework.

The video toolkit is an application for video filters and modifying operations. As part of my master project I modularized the application and integrated a plug-in framework using C++. With my work I greatly improved the maintainability of the code and separated the core functionality from the plug-ins. Now external filter libraries like liboz or FreeFrame can be integrated as optional plug-ins as needed without inflating the application with unused plug-ins.


Microsoft awarded this game and each team member won an XBox and Kinect for the project. This game was part of the GameDesign class I took in my semester abroad in Sydney at University of Technology Sydney. I was responsible for the game mechanics, level design and game balancing. Also the ferocious zombies attacking the player were my evil work. The project was realized using GameMaker and GML.
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Resubmission Folder.

I realized this Thunderbird plug-in as part of my bachelor thesis. My knowledge of JavaScript and XUL back then was very basic and has greatly improved in the meantime. The plug-in allows users to mark mails for resubmission if he doesn't want to answer it right away. The mail will pop up again on that date reminding the user to answer it then. Another feature was the answer reminder that would notify the user if a mail was not answered by the recipient until a specified date.